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"Dr. Lee has the perfect balance of scientific knowledge, technical skill, human understanding, and compassion. She treated my husband for a life-threatening illness that was accompanied by debilitating pain and fatigue, and improved his quality of life tremendously. I can't thank her enough, and it is with full confidence I recommend her highly."

—Dr. Laurie Martin, RN, DAOM, LAc

"I am a Stage IV melanoma patient with metastases to the brain, lungs, liver, and spleen. Dr. Lee successfully treated my potentially lethal immunotherapy and gamma knife surgery complications (inability to swallow, debilitating colitis, etc) as well as addressing the melanoma lesions themselves. I highly recommend Dr. Lee. She embodies the compassion and competence of the ideal physician."

—Toby Daly, PhD

"As a very experienced consumer of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I find Sam Lee to be very atypical of alternative practitioners. She is firmly grounded in both Western and Eastern approaches to medicine, with an impressive awareness of both. Sam is able to accurately assess the clinical needs of her patients and provide treatments that are comprehensive and exceptional. She is among the finest practitioners I have encountered, as she looks to teach and heal those she treats, accomplishing both with exceptional focus and commitment. I highly recommend her as a Chinese Medical Physician capable of assisting with complex and life threatening medical conditions with concern, compassion and excellence."

—B.T. Age 61

"As a former athlete and current medical student, I have turned to High Peak Acupuncture for treatment of various injuries and have had great success with treatments. I highly recommend it!"

—Erica Gaertner

"Peaceful, rustic atmosphere. Highly skilled acupuncturist. No one who visits will have any doubt about the benefits of an acupuncture treatment from Sam Lee!"

—Hilary Davis

"Such a good session today, shoulder feels great, thumb feels great and hardly any hot flashes today. I love this acupuncture! Everybody should try it."

—Clarkie Logan

"It was an amazing experience. If you have never tried it you definitely should. I have never felt so relaxed in my life!"

—Nicole Irene

"Having had 6 treatments @ High Peak Acupuncture with Sam I feel I can now give a review...From the first treatment my lower back pain (bulging disc) has been diminishing..It is incredibly relaxing and I would never have thought I'd look forward to having needles inserted in my body..but each time there is a noticeable difference and I highly recommend High Peak."

—D. Scheffel