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“Acupuncture Is Popular, but You’ll Need to Pay”

Posted on September 01, 2013

New York Times article from 2010 states the obvious. Acupuncture is one of the fastest growing alternative forms of health care that more and more Americans are turning to acupuncture for their ailments. Read the full article (linke: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/08/health/08patient.html?_r=0 text: here).

So what is stopping you from trying acupuncture? For many a lack of familiarity with what acupuncture is or a fear of needles are the biggest factors that prevent people from trying acupuncture. If you fall into this category, find out more about how acupuncture works or what happens in an acupuncture appointment by reading here for more information.

What about the rest of you that know about acupuncture and it’s benefits, but don’t think that you can afford treatments? Well, let me ask you one thing before we go any further, how can you afford not to?

Growing up in a family primarily employed in healthcare, I took it for granted that people went to the doctor and took care of their ailments as they arose. What I have learned is that the reality is that while people may go to the doctor when they are sick, what people are not doing is truly taking care of their health. Let me emphasize that, health is the operative word here. Why are you managing your health once you are really sick?

Do you pay attention to your car that way? Would you drive around on a flat tire until there’s nothing left but shredded rubber and a destroyed rim? I don’t think so, so why are you doing that to your own body? When we are in pain or something is not as it used to be, that is the time to get attention, not years after an initial ache or pain started. Too late is too late.

If you pay attention to your tire, and notice that it’s running low on air, and fill it, you prevent further damage to your car. Your car. Why does your car get better care and attention than your own body?

You might say that you need your car, and that what’s ailing you isn’t that bad. Well, you may be right, but you need your body, and when it’s not functioning well it affects everything you do. Your work, your family, your ability to enjoy your life. These are not small things here.

Think about the last time you had an injury that impacted your ability to function. Having a sprained wrist or a broken foot are both extreme enough that you really notice the effect of an injury on your ability to function. Now think about the last time you had a headache or felt low energy or fatigue. Notice how something seemingly minor like a headache or a lack of energy affected your mood, and consequently your ability to work, or enjoy things with your family? Does this seem like something minor now?

Ok, I think I’ve made my point. Listen to your body and yourself. When something is not right you need to address it, otherwise it will only get bigger and louder.

Now back to how to pay for it? One way is to find an Community style acupuncture clinic, like High Peak Acupuncture. By treating multiple clients at the same time, the clinic is able to offer affordable rates so that you can get the appropriate care that you need to truly recover. To learn more about community style acupuncture click here.

For those of you that have a HSA, MSA, or flex spending account (FSA), acupuncture is a qualified medical expense. To learn more about HSA vs FSA: read here:

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What are qualified medical expenses? Read here:

Qualified Medical expenses

The next time you do something to take care of your car, I challenge you to ask yourself when you’re getting yourself in for your “service”.

Eat good food and drive carefully,