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Maternity leave take two

Posted on November 11, 2017

Well, for those of you that don't know already Dr. Fielding is expecting baby number two in Feb 2018! Details on how long the leave are uncertain (for those of you with children, you understand why. If you don't have kids ask someone that does have a newborn...) She anticipates being back to the office mid summer.

For the time being she will be seeing patients as long as she can, but will not be accepting new patients beyond November 2017. If you are interested in joining the practice, please join the newsletter click here to stay in touch when she will be accepting new patients into the practice again.

A note from Dr. Fielding:
If you are a existing patient of the practice and have not added yourself to the newsletter, please do so now! This is where updates will be announced, as well as plenty of information on maintaining your healthy lifestyle when you're on your acupuncture sabbatical.

It is my plan to be adding much more information to the Insights page on tips to maximize your acupuncture treatments through healthy eating, self care, minimizing environmental exposures, and general tips about how to do some self care for common ailments that respond really well to lifestyle modification and supplementation.

For my wonderful committed patients that come in for general wellbeing and maintenance, take heart. A break is not a bad thing. Often it is a chance for us to see how acupuncture really impacts our lives, and places that we need to refocus our attention often come into view after a short break. BUT, I know that after a month most of you will be very eager to get back to treatments, so fret not. I have some wonderful acupuncturists that will be filling in for me. It won't be me treating you, but getting a different perspective on your state of health can be a wonderful addition to your journey, so all in all this can be a great thing for everyone.