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Intuition is it real?

Posted on March 21, 2017

Have you ever wondered what that sensation of Deja Vu is? Thought about a friend only to have them call you seconds later on the phone? Had a “gut” feeling that something wasn’t quite right? I doubt that there is anyone that hasn’t experienced something similar to this, but whether or not you pay attention to it is another thing.

For some intuition is something that is quickly disregarded as mumbo jumbo crazy talk. But the trend in support of the existence of intuition as a real phenomenon is growing.

So what’s the big deal and how does this affect your health? Well, in several ways, but the true gift, if you can be open to it is in the fact that once you realize that intuition often guides us through some of the most challenging decisions we ever face in our lives, we can use it in every moment. If it works for the big stuff, why not the little stuff? And in fact when you allow your intuition to guide you it liberates you from the thinking that you are actually in control of every aspect of your life. That’s the real crazy talk.

Life is an experience, not a chore. Take some of the burden off of yourself and trust your intuition. Better yet, just trust in general. You’ll thank me later.

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