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Kombucha is a raw, fermented, carbonated probiotic tea. Kombucha is growing in popularity and can be found in local health food stores. These brews can be found in lots of flavors and varieties. It may seem like Kombucha is a new trend, but some sources say that Kombucha is an ancient Chinese elixir dating back to the Qin dynasty, 220BC.

Don’t let the holidays stress you out

“They weren’t thinking logically amidst the hyperarousal and stress” consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow, PhD, about the neuropsychologic influences associated with shopping.

How to beat the cold and flu season

Its that time of year when we’re all keeping colds at bay. With kids going back to school and coming in contact with every possible germ out there (at least that’s what it seems like) and a change in the weather means that the sniffles are out there.

Apple Cider Syrup Recipe

I’ve been meaning to share some info on topics other than just acupuncture, and I couldn’t resist this one. Fall is apple season, bring on the cider! What a great way to use apple cider, for those of you that have special dietary needs.

Why all athletes should use acupuncture

Here’s a great article on why acupuncture is the perfect, natural compliment to your training if you’re an athlete.

“Acupuncture Is Popular, but You’ll Need to Pay”

New York Times article from 2010 states the obvious. Acupuncture is one of the fastest growing alternative forms of health care that more and more Americans are turning to acupuncture for their ailments.