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What’s the rush?

Posted on June 27, 2014

People these days seem to be constantly in a hurry. They hurry from place to place as if the world were on fire. Peoples’ lives are busy. This is true, but do they have to be? If you answer yes immediately, then stop and think for a minute. Is this really true? Being in a hurry constantly is a choice. You may argue that you can’t change the situation, because between work and family you have no time. This is not true. Everything we do in life is a choice, you are choosing not to make a difficult change, and remain in the life that you are in, despite it being “busy”.

Have you ever met someone who seems to relish being able to say they’re busy? It’s almost as if by saying that they’re busy means that their life is important. When in reality what you are doing by running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off is saying that your life is not important; your health is not important; your family is not important. You add stress to every moment by pretending that you need a sense of urgency to create importance. What is important in your life is important without having to be attached to some irrelevant sense of urgency.

Life is about perspective, whatever you think you have that is terrible, there is someone else with a situation worse than yours. Do not suffer needlessly. Honestly look at your situation, without emotion and evaluate if what you are doing is necessary and meaningful. If not, stop and choose another path. Empower yourself to make a difficult choice and see it through. Life is not meant to be rushed through, it is meant to be experienced.

Eat good food, and drive carefully,