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Why acupuncture doesn't work

Posted on June 04, 2017

• Wrong Diagnosis - being sure that you are going to a practitioner that is fully trained in Chinese Medicine and the principles of diagnosis is essential to a successful treatment with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. While any acupuncture is likely to provide some relief, even without a sound diagnosis, if a complete evaluation that takes into account all parts of your current state of health is not done, the underlying root cause of your condition is not likely to resolve, which often leads to a reoccurrence of symptoms after a period of relief.

• Improper Treatment - While it is less likely that a less than optimal treatment plan will be created if a through diagnostic evaluation is completed, it is possible. There are many treatment styles and approaches, as well as needling techniques and adjunctive therapies that can be utilized. If you have some results but not a complete resolution of your condition, the needling approach may be incorrect.
o This includes the treatment plan. Expecting a condition that has bothered you for five years to resolve in one acupuncture treatment is unrealisitic. Treatments are cumulative and build upon each other. We are asking your body to use it’s self-healing mechanism. This takes time. Correct treatment plans and adherence to the recommended frequency and number of treatments is essential to getting optimal results.

• Lifestyle factors - Even with correct diagnosis and treatment, often lifestyle factors that led to the condition in the first place, or are exacerbating the condition’s ability to resolve are to blame. For the best treatment outcome adherence to lifestyle modifications and recommendations from your practitioner is strongly advised. It is your quality of life (not to mention your time and money) that is at stake. Not making these adjustments to your life while getting treatments is like trying to bail out a boat with a leak. You will just be wasting time and energy, when the real solution is to fix the leak.

• Wrong mindset - Ask yourself this question and be honest. You gain nothing by not being completely honest with yourself. What do you have to lose by getting healthy? Are you afraid to lose some sort of support that you have because you are “sick”? Believe it or not, this is a huge factor in patients’ failing to heal. If you do not believe that you will get better, you will not. You must shift your mindset to one of growth and possibility, not of fear and self-doubt.

• Physical factors - While most conditions will improve, it is possible that some conditions will not resolve completely. If something has been plaguing you for decades, it should come as no surprise that the condition may be hard to resolve. That being said, I have witnessed some miraculous recoveries, so this should not be discounted. However, if all of the other reasons that I have discussed have been ruled out, then finding the best possible plan to live with your condition so that it has a minimal impact on your life may be necessary. Acupuncture and herbs can be safely used for chronic conditions for long term care with minimal side effects and other benefits to improve your overall quality of life. While this may sound like a less than ideal plan (as most people would like to have the issue disappear from their life) being realistic about your state of health is important, and making a choice about your treatment that gives you the greatest quality of life is key.

Life is a blessing that we should honor with a lifestyle that gives us the health, vitality, mental and physical wellness.